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Ways DUI Conviction Can Affect Your Life

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If shouldn’t be a surprise to know that once an individual is convicted with DUI, it can surely result in expensive and grave consequences, especially if you’re in a state where they have an extremely strict policy when it comes to the offenders of DUI. However, what we don’t really know is the long-term consequences that are linked with driving under the influence. Here are some of them that you should know, which can stop you from attempting to drink and drive: 

Professional relationships 

Your professional image is one of the major long-term problems that come with DUI convictions. Regardless if you still have your job, there’s still a bad stigma that is related to a DUI conviction, which could eventually affect your professional relationships.   

Car insurance rates 

To begin with, car insurance rates aren’t cheap. However, after you get convicted for DUI, this could possibly increase anywhere ranging from 30-300 percent, which is basically beyond what you compensated before the case. This is because insurance providers think about the DUI offender to be drivers who are high risk. Though several firms will not totally terminate your coverage, you should expect that there’s still a chance for that to happen to you as a result of your negligence. 


Aside from the fact that DUI can obstruct your capability to apply for work eventually, your current position can be affected as well. Jail time, community service hours, and court dates can take you out of your job beyond what’s allowed. This can lead to employment termination. Even though you somewhat dealt with the trouble of scheduling, just a conviction can pose your position and work in danger. This can get even worse if you get convicted for DUI since it enables you to be behind any new job opportunities even if they do not need driving skills.  

Background checks 

Several life opportunities depend on background checks. After you’re convicted for DUI, every background check done will be displaying yourself as a convicted felon. Though there are definitely even worse than a DUI conviction, this can still impact your employment opportunity in the future and your different financial processes or loan applications. 

Revocation of your driver’s license 

A DUI conviction might lead to the revocation of the driver’s license. For the first-time offenders of DUI, they could end up having their license suspended for a minimum of one year. This basically implies an instant loss of employment particularly for those who drive as their means of the job. However, if driving is not your job, the revocation of your license can still make it hard for your daily life. In several states, it could be extended up to over 1-year suspension.  

As much as possible, everyone should refrain from drinking and driving. However, if you get caught in this kind of situation, the first thing you need to do is to contact a trusted Fort Myers DUI lawyers as soon as possible so that you will be assisted with the entire procedure. 

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