How to Use Oil on Your Face

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You may already know that oil is a good way to keep the skin moisturized. However, not all oils are created equal. If you want to find the one that will work great with your skin, then you must be very picky when it comes to your oil choices.  


The wrong kind of oil applied to your face will make you look like some greaseball. The weather is also a huge factor when applying oil to your face. During the summer months and warmer days, putting too much oil on your face is discouraged. However, if it’s the winter season, then you must apply it generously as the cold air may cause your skin to dry out. Here are more tips for applying oil to your face.  

  1. Use oil when moisturizing the face. 

Oil should be incorporated into your daily skincare habits. Make note though, that oil is not supposed to replace your moisturizer. If anything, it’s designed to reinforce its effects. Oil may be applied before or after moisturizing your face. If you’re using a lightweight, fast-absorbing oil, then you may apply it before the moisturizer. If it’s a heavy type, then it’s best to apply it after you have moisturized your skin.  

  1. Add oil to the moisturizer. 

In case you want to further boost the effect of your favorite moisturizer on your skin, add some oil to it. It is exactly what people do to moisturizers that are too heavy for their liking. The oil will soften up the moisturizer and make it much easier to apply.  

  1. Add oil to your foundation. 

Aside from boosting the effects of the moisturizer, oil can also be added to makeup the foundation to boost its effects. This is an old trick to make makeup the foundation looks more natural. It also makes the foundation easier to apply to your skin.  

  1. Use oil to remove makeup. 

You may already know about oil-based facial cleansers and makeup removers. If you have access to these, then these are the best products to use for cleaning your skin. It’s especially helpful if most facial cleansers end up drying your skin.  

  1. Make your own skin scrub. 

Do you know that you can make your own skin scrub by simply mixing oil and sugar or ground coffee? This is the most natural treatment that you can give your skin. The scrub will help remove dead skin cells and keep the moisture sealed in. This can be used for the body as well, although bigger grains are recommended, such as body salt.  

  1. Use oil to rehydrate your skin. 

Bring some oil with you when you go out so you can apply it on your face if it needs hydration. You’ll find oils useful during the colder season. It’s recommended that you apply oil to your skin up to three times weekly to keep it radiant looking.  

If you want to know more about how to take care of your face and skin in general, talk to an expert. Go ahead and make a search for facial near me so you’ll know where to go for that much-needed skincare treatment.  

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